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i'll never forget you

they said we'd never make it, my sweet always remember me.

Benners (:
haaai. benners. i love accents. i write rubbish on here, lots. drabble and rants. i love my northern roots, its amazing. being northern gives one a stupid ability to stand in the freezing cold rain watching dizzee rascal somewhere in a field in leeds. i take photos of everything, if i met you id not stop taking photos. i talk rubbish blahblahmeh. im pretty typical. and average. woo, go me im average *high five* i forget everything aswell. not good at all. i talk too much and i will more than likely bore you. again with the high fives. i bore people. bahaha! none of my actual real life friends have livejournal, its like having bail from them :P im sorry for my shocking taste in music, its realy awful. macy gray anyone?

adios amigos.

au revior.

cya later inovator!