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Firstest thing Ive posted on here - i'll never forget you [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Benners (:

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Firstest thing Ive posted on here [Jan. 1st, 2008|06:05 pm]
Benners (:
[Current Mood |dorky]
[Current Music |Take That - Everything Changes.]

Im scared.
What dya put ?
Something special ?

Thought you might say that !!
Um ok, so Ive been on here checking out peoples profiles/blogs...I dont know what y'all call 'em.
If anyone fancies helping me sort myself out on here then
please do im useless at it !!

Ooooh !! I know Ill introduce myself !!
Ok so I get called Jaggz, Messi, Jessie, Jessica, Jess, Jerseekar !! But you can call me what you want, it doesnt bother me ;)
Im 5teen, and I like it alot, you get more grown-up things to do, and yeah that kidna stuff. But school bums, I used ot like it then it went crap !!
I like football (
Liverpool in general, Daniel Agger, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso !!) Rugby Bradford Bulls, Dancing cause my dance class is leg-end maytee !! And just general spazzing about and train rides, long ones with Danniey.

Think this has been special enough ??
Cause I dont, this has been pretty poor, well I hope you all have a reet grand 2oo8 and i still need help so be nice and help me prettttty please :)

Jagger - - xox